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" target="_blank">Sparkle running for Charity!
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Our Director Elizabeth Russell will be running the Vitality North London half marathon on the 20th of March 2016 in aid of PETA UK.

PETA is an amzing orgainstaion who supports the eithical treatment of animals. They fight against abuse and provide education for humans accross the globe.

Our aim is to create a loving and sustainable world, with apreciation for the environement. PETA uk is one of the largest and most influencial organisations to be able to have impact accross the globe.

Please support PETA by donating here -->


We thank you for your support!

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Why Ecover?
Created Date: 2014-04-01 14:38:42 Published In: News

Ecover is a brand like no other, pioneers of sustainability and 'green', calling upon 30 years of experience to bring Feel Good Cleaning to your home.

Powerful enough to get the job done, but using plant and mineral based ingredients to care for you and your home without those chemical nasties. This is why we personally recommend and use these products. Click the link to read more!


Client testimonial March 2014
Created Date: 2014-04-01 14:01:16 Published In: News

I wanted to thank Elizabeth and her team, and let people know how great her service is! Not only does she offer a very friendly yet professional service, but when you speak to her at the initial meeting, it is clear the service is about more than cleaning. She will ensure your house is cleaned with environmentally sound and skin friendly products. Ideal for my little ones, as harsh chemicals in the home was a real problem for us. We will definitely be using Sparkle on a regular basis and buying the ecover products from the Sparkle shop! 


Miss Brooker - Newbury - March 2014




Time management ~ the biggest challenge for busy people!
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We all know that time is an issue whether you are running a business or not.. family life can be equally hectic and while a clean house is important retaining quality time with your family is actually essential if we are all to be truly happy..

"So there's no reason why you should be scrubbing your own toilets. In fact, I argue that it is your moral obligation to hire someone to do that"


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